Welcome to "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop
A place for quality training where beginners can learn and the elite athlete can thrive. We provide a comfortable environment where people of all abilities and experience levels can learn, practice good riding habits, and increase fitness to achieve their personal cycling goals.
What we offer

Training: The Speed Shop features an 8 station Multi-Rider CompuTrainer studio.  The Multi-Rider CompuTrainer allows up to eight riders to share the road and train together.  Experience a new, exciting, and technically superior method of indoor group bike training like never before!  The Speed Shop offers classes on a regular schedule, by request (minimum rider requirement), (foul) weather based, and other special classes.

Coaching: As a USA Cycling Level 2 Certified Coach Chris helps athletes set and attain goals by developing an individualized training program. Chris's philosophy is to motivate and assist athletes through the training process with their ultimate goal in mind.  Check out the Coaching link for more details.

Testing: The Speed Shop offers Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Testing which is used to determine your threshhold power and heart rate.  This information is used by the athlete to optimize training using power and/or heart rate as a metric to measure training effort and stress.  An FTP test is recommened prior to each session or training block so that the athlete has a sound reference to train against.

Lots of exciting new workouts for 2020-2021 Season!!
"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop
8414 Myersville Road
Middletown, MD
For more information contact Chris at 301.788.4631 or [email protected]
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2020 Fall Session In Person and At Home Class Information
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Let our customized training help you improve fitness, and develop riding skills and techniques that you can take on the road next season and beyond!!