Initial 1hr Consultation Fee: $75.

Monthly Coaching fee:  $175.  
1) Custom daily training workouts designed via web based calendar based on athletes personal goals. 
2) Review of training logs, heart rate, and power meter files when applicable. 
3) Unlimited email contact with phone and face to face as available.

Additional Services:

Individual Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Testing - $75.  FTP is the maximal power output you can sustain for the duration of one hour.  Your FTP is used as the basis for calculating training zones that can be used in a training program to improve your cycling performance.

Determining your FTP at the Speed Shop will allow you to train more specifically during CompuTrainer Classes.  In addition to power zones, classes will be providing percentages of FTP as a guide for maximum performance.  *please note that the FTP test is offered in a class setting for riders attending class*

Self Guided Recommendations for CompuTrainer Classes:

Option 1 - Cycling fitness maintenance - Register for 1 CT class per session.  Attending one CT class per week will assist the athlete in maintaining cycling form and fitness during the off season.  Cycling drills such as one legged pedaling, high cadence pedaling, as well as interval training will facilitate improvements to the pedal stroke and the maintainenance of cardiovascular fitness.

Option 2 - Cycling fitness builder - Register for 2 CT classes per session.  There are 2 types of classes run each week, one focused on speed and one focused on strength.  These classes are complimentary and the athlete will get maximum benefit from participating in both each week.  Generally the Mon/Tue/Wed classes will have one focus while the Thur/Sat will have the other in a given week.  Athletes who choose this option should register for one class from Mon/Tue/Wed and one from Thur/Sat.
Coaching Services