"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop
8414 Myersville Road
Middletown, MD
For more information contact Chris at 301.788.4631 or [email protected]
"Kelley Acres" Speed Shop - Special Announcements
Functional Threshold Power Class!
Functional Threshold Power (FTP)  is used to determine your threshhold power and heart rate.  This information is used by the athlete to optimize training using power and/or heart rate as a metric to measure training effort and stress.  An FTP session is recommened prior to each session or training block so that the athlete has a sound reference to train against.
By individual appointment for $75 or $50/ea. with a 5 rider minimum. 

Intro to the SPEED SHOP class
Wednesday September 19 at 6:30pm

Have you heard about us?  Want to learn more? Want a place to keep you fitness going this Fall and Winter? The Speed Shop is here for you!  The purpose of the intro class is to share with you what the Speed Shop is about and how the classes can be customized to your current fitness level. We will cover everything from how to set up your bike to and how to train with data.  The class will be 75-90 min. This includes a sampler workout (45min) to get to feel how the equipment works.
It's a great chance to try a class before the Fall Session begins in October.
8 spots available - email [email protected] to sign up
Cost: $25 
8 week Fall Performance Session
Mon                    6:30 pm
Tues. Early Bird      6:30 am
Weds.                 6:30 pm 
Thurs.        6:30 pm
Sat.                   9:30 am
The cost is $185 for one class or $320 for two classes a week
*5 rider minimum for all classes
                    Registration for 2018 Fall Session is at www.bikereg.com
Random classes may be available.  Please email [email protected] to join our Google Group for class updates.